About Weyman Holton

Evolution Of A Tech Guy

With 30+ years working in technology, Weyman Holton witnessed the world turn from paper to digital.  He became obsessed with computers at the dawn of the Information Age and never looked back. Programmer, database designer, network technician, teacher, manager, businessman.

Envisioning how the media landscape has changed so that anyone can have a voice. Will we support the American principles of free speech as advocates at home and abroad?

Political News Junkie

Constitutional conservative principles meet America First, you can't be effective if you don't win first.

We must choose leaders who are will do the right thing when we aren't watching and  avoid those whose goal is unrighteous dominion and loss of free will.  We are the children, and have the birthright, of those who would not be ruled and must preserve that cause for our posterity.


"Your Tech Moment" is a webcast / podcast / podcast series that takes the hot tech topics of the day from mergers & acquisitions to telecom to hacking, and packages it up for easy consumption.

As-of-yet-unnamed new multimedia project and process to help self-promoters use inexpensive tools to get their message out.

From politics to science fiction, Weyman is always working on 'the next book.'